- Soyuz TMA-14M Patch
Soyuz TMA-14M

The official crew patch for the Soyuz TMA-13M mission, launched 2014. Designed by Luc van den Abeelen. Produced by /

The crew

The crew of Soyuz TMA-14M.

Designing process

An earlier version of the artwork with the images that inspired Luc.

The Soyuz TMA-14M mission patch shows a porthole on the International Space Station, providing a view of the new spaceship coming in for docking. In the background, the rising sun announces dawn and a new expedition on the orbital research facility, expanding our knowledge and preparing for new destinations.

All designs copyright Roscosmos/

Back up patch

The crew and their patch

Other versions

Produced in Russia by Tsenki.

Elena Serova wearing the Tsenki TMA-14M and Tsenki Expedition-42 patches in space.


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