- Soyuz TMA-02M Patch
Soyuz TMA-02M

The official crew patch for the Soyuz TMA-02M mission, launched on June 7, 2011. Designed by Luc van den Abeelen and Kati Ikramov. Produced by /

The crew

The crew of Soyuz TMA-02M: Mike Fossum, Sergei Volkov and Satoshi Furukawa.

Designing process

Top: The spacecraft in the patch was composed using pictures of a docked Soyuz and an approaching Progress. Bottom: Kati Ikramov meets the crew at Baikonur; the initial design that Luc made for the TMA-03M crew and Kati's artwork.

At the end of July 2010, commander Sergei Volkov indicated that he liked two of the seven TMA-03M designs that Luc had originally proposed to his former TMA-12/Expedtion-17 crewmate Oleg Kononenko three months earlier. Since one of these looked too much like the Soyuz TMA-20 patch, Luc chose to continue with the gold triangular version.

The children's element by Kati Ikramov (8) was added in October 2010. This artwork had already been among the candidates for Soyuz TMA-18 a year earlier and stood out because of the unique metallic materials chosen by the young artist.

The design was approved by Roscosmos head Anatoly Perminov on November 9, 2010. First embroidered prototypes were ready November 24, 2010. Following some very minor color corrections, a go for production was given on December 20, 2010 and the first batch of patches arrived in Moscow in early February 2011. The artwork was published by Roscosmos on March 11, 2011, ahead of the crew's press conference in Houston ten days later.

The rocket art by Kati Ikramov was later also used in Mike Fossum's personal patch by Tim Gagnon and Jorge Cartes.

All designs copyright Roscosmos/

Back up patch

The backup patch, worn by Don Pettit.

In action

Other versions

Produced in Russia by Tsenki.


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